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An accident or injury can cause frightening dental emergencies. Whether it’s a broken tooth or a blow to the jaw, Carl Cheung, DMD, and Chang Han, DDS, along with the qualified team at Sunrise Dental help patients in Arlington, Washington, get the immediate care they need. With flexible hours to accommodate you during your time of crisis, you can rest assured you’ll leave on the road to recovery.

Dental Emergencies Q & A

What is a Dental Emergency?

While you might think the emergency room is the best place to go for a severe dental issue, the team at Sunrise Dental can treat a wide range of dental emergencies, including:

  • Broken, chipped, or lost adult teeth
  • Excessive bleeding from biting your tongue or lip
  • Severe toothaches
  • Foreign objects stuck in your mouth
  • Broken jaw

The Sunrise Dental providers can handle dental emergencies at any time, so you can be sure that you’ll be seen as soon as possible.

How are Dental Emergencies Treated?

Full recovery from a dental emergency starts before you get to Sunrise Dental, as your actions immediately following the accident or injury can significantly affect the outcome.

For example, if you’ve lost a tooth, make sure to keep the tooth warm by either holding it inside your cheek or under your tongue. If you have excessive bleeding, do what you can to put pressure on the wound.

When you arrive at Sunrise Dental, a dental specialist will assess your emergency and propose a course of treatment. That may involve stitches, surgery, or another procedure to help maintain the health and integrity of your teeth, gums, jaw, or entire mouth.

If there’s pain or swelling in the affected area, your Sunrise Dental practitioner can prescribe pain medication. Depending on your emergency, your recovery might also include a liquid diet until your teeth and mouth have healed.

Where Should I Go For A Dental Emergency?

It’s never a good idea to ignore a dental emergency, as the problem can worsen and even lead to permanent damage of your teeth, gums, or jaw.

While your regular dentist might be able to treat some dental emergencies, it’s best to look for a practice that offers a full range of dental or periodontal services and emergency care. That ensures you’ll be seen by a qualified dentist or dental specialist, no matter what time of day your emergency occurs or how severe your problem.

To learn more about the dental emergency services at Sunrise Dental or to book an appointment immediately, use the simple online scheduling tool.